Emergency Response Training / Active Shooter Training in Frederick MD

AVERT = Active Violence Emergency Response Training

Life Saving Certifiers, in Frederick MD,  is proud to offer this critical training on-site, conveniently at your location.

We offer AVERT to Schools, Places of Worship, Office Settings, Manufacturing, Retail Environments or Friends and Families!

Go Beyond Active Shooter Training with AVERT

AVERT uses simple, yet effective strategies to teach you how to survive in active violence situations

Building on the national model of Run, Hide, Fight, AVERT takes these concepts to the next level teaching participants the principles of Escape, Evade and Attack

AVERT is the first program to combine life-saving medical techniques with tactical response skills. 

This is a hands-on, interactive, team-building training that everyone can successfully complete

Life Saving Certifiers comes to you and performs training on-site. In person training is far more effective than on-line modules or videos.


AVERT operates with the mission of Empowering People to  Save Lives. Through our Training + Products, we provide  corporations and institutions with the tools to enhance their  own safety. AVERT operates with the mission of Empowering People to  Save Lives. Through our Training + Products, we provide  corporations and institutions with the tools to enhance their  own safety.

AVERT focuses on skills that were once reserved  for first responders but have been adapted for the general  public. With our innovative, hands-on approach, in just two-three hours you will learn the skills to effectively respond should  you be faced with an active violence encounter.

AVERT  emphasizes training in:

• Warning Signs and Situational Awareness 

• Escape, Evade, Attack and Active Shooter Response Procedures 

• Emergency Techniques to Stop the Bleed 

• Response Equipment (Bleeding control kits, AEDs, etc.) 

In person, skill based, interactive training is more effective than online or  video platforms. Get started....


Active Shooter Incidents have increased at an alarming rate since 2000.

Frequently Asked Questions About Avert Active Shooter Training

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1What does AVERT stand for?
AVERT stands Active Violence Emergency Response Training. AVERT goes beyond active shooter training by including emergency bleeding control basics to ensure all participants know how to respond appropriately and help individuals who may be injured before medical responders arrive on scene
2What makes AVERT different from other active shooter training programs?
AVERT brings together expertise from both the medical and law enforcement perspectives and backgrounds. Once taught only to industry professionals, the content in AVERT has been specifically adapted for the general public. Unlike other training programs that focus solely on Run, Hide, Fight techniques, AVERT uses a dynamic method to teach you proactive awareness, how to react and protect yourself and others in a violent situation, and how to respond to severe injuries that are often a result of these occurrences.
3How long does the AVERT certification training course take?
The AVERT course is delivered in a “blended” training format. This means students will first receive a brief online training introducing them to the subject and preparing them for the instructor-led session. In-person sessions last approximately two-three hours (depending on class size) and includes hands-on training, realistic drills and education with encouraging tips and feedback. Participants will leave the AVERT program with the confidence to respond with appropriate action if an active violence or life-threatening situation arises.
4Is AVERT training designed for a specific type of industry?
AVERT training supports anyone who could be involved in an active violence situation, and it’s appropriate for all industries and types of venues such as: Government, Healthcare, Places of Worship, Schools, Sporting Venues, Manufacturing, Office Settings and Retail Environments.
5Who should be trained in AVERT?
Simple answer is EVERYONE! All employees should participate in the training to ensure they know how to prevent and respond if met with an active violence situation. OSHA doesn't have a specific requirement for this type of training. However, due to the increase in active violence events and their severity, OSHA does look for employers to provide workplace violence training under the General Duty Clause, Section 5(a)(1). These skills are important for EVERYONE, we love to teach Friends and Families too!
6How long is AVERT certification good for and how often should we train our staff?
AVERT certification is valid for two years. We recommend training staff annually or every two years and maintaining a workplace violence program as required by OSHA [section 32.0.2(1)]. Clear policies and procedures should be reviewed and updated annually.
7Does AVERT use weapons in the training?
Authorized AVERT instructors use orange replica weapons to discuss the types of weapons most commonly used in violent situations. They are also used to demonstrate how to disarm an attacker if other alternatives, such as evading and escaping, are not possible. No actual weapons are allowed at training - Instructors or Participants It's important to note that AVERT does not support any political position, neither pro-gun or anti-gun, simply how to respond if faced with active violence situations.