"Karey and her team are the most competent in their field. Their CPR and 1st Aid classes are top notch. I always have participants who rave about how they are the best CPR and 1st Aid classes they have ever taken!"

Annie Skamangas-Scaros, CEO and Executive Director

Early Childhood Education Training Academy.

Karey Tomlin has conducted Pediatric First Aid and CPR training for Capital Area Head Start for the past two years. Karey’s passion and dedication to her craft comes through during every training session she conducts. She is an expert in First Aid and CPR and our staff leave the training feeling confident that they will be able to handle the situation if an emergency a rises. Karey has also consulted with our Director of Health and Special Services on the CPR process to ensure that our classrooms are equipped with the necessary equipment. She goes above and beyond what is asked. Our staff loves Karey’s attitude and enthusiasm for what she does. She uses real-life examples, talks to them from experience, and is as engaging as she is informative. Karey is flexible, hard-working, conscientious, and devoted to educating others. We couldn’t ask for a better CPR/First Aid facilitator. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with further questions.

Kayle Richardson

Capital Area Head Start

Our staff used to hate CPR training. They would complain about how boring the class was and they would stress out for days about memorizing all the facts for the test. Karey Tomlin makes CPR and Infection Control easy for any staff member to learn. Her class is very well taught and actually fun. She tells lots of stories about related EMT experiences that keeps everyones’ interest. Now our staff looks forward to CPR instead of dreading it.

Karen Roschella DDS and Ann Zinger DDS

Roschella & Zinger Dental Group

Thank you for coming to help us with our CPR refreshers. Yesterday I was in the grocery store and a man collapsed right next to me. My first thought was he just had a heart attack. Every thing you told us came rush in. I stayed calm and asked if he was ok. He was. He was stunned and embarrassed he slipped on a banana slice. He was not hurt. I thankfully did not need to use/test my CPR skills, but I was prepared thanks to you.

Merrie Nichols

Menton Family Dental Care